Can u uninstall and reinstall devil may cry 4 with the same product key?

heyy guys i was wondering i kinda got devil may cry 4 the original well digital copy and well the intel bios update came up and i did a system restore to undo it but the game runs slowlly and i wanted to kno if i uninstalled the game and reintalled it on the same system if the same productkey i used before if it will work?
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  1. It should because who ever you bought the game should have a original digital copy so if your system ever crash and burns you still have a game to play. If you really need to know for sure.

    Either call them or E-mail them with that question, that you will know for sure with out a doubt. I had Norton 360 on 3 PC's and one fried and I got a new one and I was afraid that I would not be able to down load it on another PC.

    But I was and to make sure I E-mailed them and got my answer with in 24 hours. I hope this helps and Good luck to ya.
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