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Friend has some frame rate issues

Hello people of Tom's Hardware, my friend ran into a problem with his computer. He recently upgraded his prebuilt Fry's Electronic's computer, and he's getting frame rate issues which I *think* he shouldn't be getting. His specs are :

Q8300 @ 2.5GHz
GTX 460 SC

He says he's averaging about 22 FPS on medium settings and dropping to a low of 19 FPS. I'm pretty sure he should be getting more than that. Here's a screenshot of his suggested and medium settings.

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  1. You probley should look at how much stuff you have running in the back ground and switch the stuff you don't need off. Also you could try to OC'ing your CPU at least to 3.2.

    Also take a look at your PSU, and make sure that it is giving you the right amount of power to run the 460. That 460 should be doing about 40 to 50 on med settings and on high should be 30 to 40.

    What games are you getting these low FPS on? Your 460 is OC'd right? Well if it is the CPU should be also. I would at least try these things. If Hexit comes on. He will have a better answer for this problem also AntiZig as well.
  2. My friend mainly plays BF3. He's getting those low frame rates when he plays BF3. He tells me all the games he plays performed better with his old GTS 250 that wasn't OC'd.

    How would he check if the PSU is giving the GPU enough power?
  3. You have to open up the case look at the PSU and look for the lable on there that tells you that what is on the 12v rail. It will have a bunch of numbers on there that look like 3.3v ,16 + 5v. 15 + 12v, 24.

    If you can right down all the numbers and post on here I will be able to tell if there are any issues with the PSU.
  4. It says
    [+12V1, 16A, 570W ~ 579W]
    [+12V2, 16A, 570W ~ 579W]
    [+12V3, 16A, 570W ~ 579W]
    [-12V, 0.5A, 6W]

    I don't know why the image is upside down. lol
  5. ok, first off, have your friend disable HBAO, antialiasing post. If he gets better fps, then the GPU cannot handle the current settings well. If fps doesn't improve much, we'll have to look elsewhere.

    Also, have your friend check the temps (how hot the GPU is running) use hwinfo, hwmonitor or speedfan to get the sensor readout.

    I cannot find any decent review for that PSU, but it doesn't look like it's good quality, and I sure as hell don't expect it to be 700w. I'll try to check how much current a 460 should draw, I doubt it'll exceed 16a, but who knows.
  6. The 460 draws 155w on load and on one 12v rail is 192w so it is not the PSU. But those type of PSU's can't be trusted. Try wha AntiZig stated. And if you don't see any improvement then come and let us know.
  7. He has tried to disable HBAO and antialiasing post. He's ranging from 16~35FPS, averaging about 25FPS. No improvement. :(

    His graphics card is running at about 64C. He took (quite possibly) the worst screenshot ever. haha

    I'd also like to add I'm also using the same power supply with more demanding components.
  8. well as is seems like the problem isn't with the gpu.

    ok lets go back, is there any particular reason why he's running it so low res and not full screen?

    what motherboard and PCI-e is the GPU sitting on?

    what GPU did he upgrade from?

    what nvidia driver version is he running?
  9. is it the same on populated maps as well as unpopulated, or single player campaign vs multi?

    I know I get a big bump going from full multi to empty multi (not much fun though)

    I'm on Q9550 (2.83) and a gtx 470, so nearly a comparable system. I'd be getting 40+ most of the time, 50+ on empty. And i'm running at 2048x1152, so many more pixels to push around. I do feel like I am being throttled by my CPU, ivy bridge will tell me whether that is true or not.

    +1 to drivers
    What does RAM usage look like, I'm using 4.5-5.0GB with BF3 and Teamspeak + assorted stuff.
    Temps look good (odd for an upgraded ship built system)
    Power looks good (again odd)
    Is fraps always running?
    Can you post a shot from MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision running in the background to show us fps, Vram etc.
  10. Hello, I am the friend that has issues with frame rates.

    Here is my motherboard:


    I don't know where to find the PCI-e info at, but i know that it is default. I upgraded from my old GTS 250 and my latest driver for the GTX 460 is 295.73

    Everything is fine and I am running it in full screen
  11. does "everything is fine" mean you no longer have fps issues?

    get hwinfo 64 bit version, check the voltages on cpu in the sensor tab and also see if you can find out any more info about the motherboard (if you expand motherboard entry, there should be slots which is also expandable, each one should be able to tell you what speed it's set to)

    go into your bios, see if there's any settings for pcie (maybe your slots are set to run at lower than needed), check your ram settings (voltage and timings).
  12. Antizig, didn't we see that screen shot in a different thread thats been solved? exactly the same layout of paint, speedfan and fraps, its the one where you questioned the resolution. Misha was it?

    Just looked back, not seeing it anywhere, but sure i've seen it before, too many bf3 threads :)
  13. Best answer
    That motherboard is an HP business mobo, I've seen threads on here before and I had one in an old pavilion build so I don't know how overclocking would go with that board or if it's even possible. Alot of cookie cutter companies lock their bios.

    With the current hardware: Antialiasing should be turned off completely, Ambient Occlusion: off, Anisotropic filter: off. Keep all other settings at medium. Also, to test FPS, don't use background software, use the game itself:

    Hit the tilda key ' ~ ' and then type render.drawfps 1

    hit enter, hit the tilda key again to remove the console from view and now the FPS should be displayed in the top right corner.

    If you buy a good motherboard, I bought a gigabyte for cheap in 2009, you should OC your processor to 3.0. I oc'd my q8200 to 3.0 Ghz before I bought the qx9650 and the 2.33 - 3.0 Ghz in Dragon Age: Origins made a huge difference. There's a great possibility that your CPU is bottlenecking the 460 SC.

    According to NVidia you should be getting 42.5:

    Then again, multi and campaign are two animals. I was averaging almost 70 in campaign. In multi it dips to the 30s and and usually fluctuates from 45 - 70.

    I have an x79 build coming in but my current machine: Gigabyte udp45 mobo: corsair 850 watt, gtx 295, qx9650, 8 Gb kingston ddr2 ram. Zalman CPU cooler 70 mm.

    Good luck, $1000 says a new 775 mobo and a oc-ing to 3.0 makes huge difference; just my opinion.
  14. Not sure if you're running ddr3 or ddr2 but here's a ddr3 mobo:

    Here's ddr2:

    I wouldn't overclock that board you have. You can spend half of a dollar and get one of the above brand new... I'd imagine amazon or ebay would have one for a quarter. I remember looking up this thread a long time ago when I had a gtx 295 in my hp pavillion:
  15. 13thmonkey said:
    Antizig, didn't we see that screen shot in a different thread thats been solved? exactly the same layout of paint, speedfan and fraps, its the one where you questioned the resolution. Misha was it?

    Just looked back, not seeing it anywhere, but sure i've seen it before, too many bf3 threads :)

    no, similar, but different posters/story. I do second that there's way too many BF3 threads XD
  16. Here's a picture of my computer "system summary"

  17. Get new board and overclock it... $50 you'll increase production by at least 60%; I'm almost sure of it.
  18. I wish.. but I don't have enough money for a new board. :/
  19. elmogonewild said:
    I wish.. but I don't have enough money for a new board. :/

    Sorry to hear you can't spare the $50 man. I hope you get your rig to run the game at what you consider optimal as it's a masterful game.
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