K8N Diamond & Antec True Control 2.0: The -5v issu

Hi everyone,

Just joined this forum as I thought you bright minded people might have an answer to my question :)

I've just ordered an Antec True Control 2.0 550W, only then to realise that it doesn't have a -5V wire... the problem is my MSI K8N Diamond manual states that it MUST have one.

I've read a few things on forums etc. in regards to not having a -5V wire, but nothing definitive - what exactly is this going to mean for me when my PSU arrives?

* New PSU? (wouldn't be very happy with that!)
* New motherboard? (wouldn't be happy with that either, it's only 3 months old)
* Something won't work? (I read something somewhere on here about the onboard sound not working on their MB in this situation - although it wasn't a Diamond so it may not apply)

Any help would be much appreciated!


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  1. Finally got my power supply and installed it - only to discover that the PC won't boot up if I have both the floppy and DVD drive both plugged into the power supply at the same time - go figure?!?!?

    Everything else works ok, so I guess it will have to do until I can justify buying a new M/B..... DFI Lanparty SLI maybe? ;)
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