Can't connect speaker ( case to motherboard )

I have bought a new case ( codegen ). However there's no speaker cable ( 4 pins, one red one black on the end ). There are 7 cables labeled.


I can't boot up so i need to hear my bios beeps for trouble shooting.
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  1. Read the FAQ in the motherboards section. There are great tips for t/s a new build that won't start. First thing to look for is the mobo grounding on the case. The mobo manual should tell you which pins are for the case speaker. If you don't have it, then d/l it from the mfrs website.

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  2. Most newer cases don't have speakers. Most newer motherboards have a miniature speaker built in. Some boards use an audio message rather than a speaker beep, you need speakers or heaphones to the onboard audio to hear that.

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  3. read the mobo faq. no problem with the motherboard. the system booted after connecting rams again and again.

    could not find the manual in elitegroup website ( poor support ), still couldn't connect the speaker cables.
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