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I bought Crysis Maximum Edition off of Steam. I installed it correctly and when I went to start, the screen went black. No picture, sound or error. This happened for all three games, Crysis, Crysis Warhead and Crysis Wars. I then validated the cache. Nope. Tried changing the operating system boot. Nope. Run as administrator. Nope Both at the same time. Nope. I don't know what to do. I have and AMD FX 8120 processor, and I think that could be the problem. If it is, can I fix it with very detailed instructions please. If not, will buying disks work on my system or purchasing from Origin.
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  1. do you have any other games that run?

    what is the rest of your system specs?
  2. I have BF3 (Origin), Napoleon: Total War, Empire: Total War and Dirt 3 all in steam, and all run fine.

    I have an AMD FX 8120, ASUS M5A99X EVO motherboard, 12GB DDR3 1600 RAM, 64GB SSD, 120GB SSD, 250GB WD Hard Drive (Where its installed), XFX Radeon 6950 2GB and then all the little stuff. CPU cooler, fans and disk drive.
  3. go to the control pannel/admin tools/event viewer and check the application event logs... look for the crysis fail and post the results here.
  4. There is nothing relating to Crysis failing. Also, it never really failed, it just stopped responding according to windows task manager, but I don't know if that's crashing.
  5. I to have this problem with all three of those games, Crysis 2 and all my other games work perfect. I think this problem started after I installed the 2 Microsoft patches for Bulldozer? I'm at a lost here, but I now know it's not only me.
    If I cant fix this I will re-install the OS (W7-64)


    Guy Ferrante.
  6. My system :

    AMD 8120
    Nvidia 460
    Ram: 8G
    Asus motherboard
    Creative Labs sound blaster Xfi
    Windows 7- 64

  7. There is both a 32-bit and 64-bit .exe file you can launch from. Sometimes people have problems launching from one or the other. You might try launching from the 32-bit .exe instead of the 64 bit (or vice versa)

    The folders containing the links are bin32 and bin64 located here:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\crysis\bin32 (or bin64)
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