Weirdest pc hang in games ever born.

as the title suggests, i have the weirdest pc hang in games.. it doesn't normally hang or freeze into a black screen and crashes, but when im here enjoying my self with epic gaming, and when im walking for instance, the music STOPS , but other sounds continue, now, either it hangs completely as i the character freezes, or i can move but i can not access anything in game, like to talk to guy, i have to wait a several seconds then it gets back to normal, and this depending on the game.
so what is this? i have checked my drivers countless times, and when i got fed up i formatted my pc, and still the same.. what could this possibly be? a hardware problem? ive tested my ram with memtest, and seems fine.
so guys, alittle help please?
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  1. Is this an online game or offline? what game is it? do you have anything else running on the system?
    Does it happen when you are say... streaming video from the net?
    Online - really bad lag?
  2. it's offline, but it also sometimes happens to bf3 onine,like when i spawn, i spawn without any weapons at all and have to wait for them to appear.. it also happens to the darkness 2, and happens to assassins creed brotherhood, and happens to burnout..and im not running anything on my system out of the ordinary, im running google talk, ati catalyst control panel,easy tune 6,Dlink wireless adapter...thank you for's annoying because the gfx run so smoothly.
  3. what are your computer specs and OS?

    what are the temperatures for CPu and GPU while you are running the games?

    have you done any overclocking or other tweaking to how your hardware functions?

    why do you have easy tune running? are you running it all the time?
  4. i have windows 7 64bit
    8 gb of ram (no errors)
    intel core i5
    amd saphire 6870
    i have not done any overclocking
    easy tune? that was a program with the drivers cd, it was on because it was on the startup items.
  5. easy tune is overclocking tool that allows you to modify bios settings from within windows, I don't know what automated services it imposes on the machine, so do me a favor, turn it off/disable it and try running the games then.

    also, you still haven't said what the temperatures are like when you're running the games. ( you can check with hwmonitor, speedfan, hwinfo or anything else that you might prefer)

    the behavior you describe for BF3 would be consistent with network problem of packet delay. However, it wouldn't make sense for things being offline, however, the games you've mentioned what platform are they on? I know AC:B for instance ubisoft is known to require a constant internet connection to DRM server. So, perhaps if other games have similar protection schemes the network issues might be causing this issue.

    Another thing to check on is HDD health
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