Random Freezing after Hotfix

Hey guys,

I've been plagued by the elusive Windows 7 freezing bug since the start of this year. I could be doing anything from browsing the internet, to playing a game, to doing absolutely nothing, and the drive light will randomly come on solid and the functionality of the computer is frozen. I can still move the mouse, highlight objects, click on things, etc. but nothing will open or run. After several seconds to a few minutes, the system will unfreeze and "catch up" with everything I tried to do while frozen, and will act as if no freeze ever occurred.

Nothing shows up in the error reports, and if I'm lucky enough to get task manager open during a freeze, the performance tab is frozen as well.

Microsoft recently released a hotfix that sounded like the solution to my problems:
However, after applying this hotfix, the issue was still quite prevalent.

Has anyone else found some way to fix/deal with the freezing, or have any ideas on what the issue could be?

My system:
Asus P5Q Deluxe
Radeon HD 4850
Corsair TX650W
Corsair xms2 ram
WD 500G hard drive
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  1. I have started experiencing the same issue over the past month. I have also applied the KB 2265716 to no avail. The situation is very random for me. Some days I do not experience it at all, other days it seems to happen every ten minutes. Sometimes I'll boot work ten minutes, lock up periodically for ten minutes then be fine the rest of the day.

    All windows updates are installed, all drivers are the most recent, and it does not seem to be linked to any specific application. I cannot force the issue so I cannot replicate.

    My System
    ASUS Notebook K50I
    T4400 @ 2.2GHZ CPU
    nVIDIA Geforce GT 320M 1GB RAM
    4GB RAM
    Win7x64 Home Prem
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