Will the upgrade to DX11 slow down the games ?

Hello guys ,

I am currently on a windows XP PC with dx9.0c .

But when playing games like crysis and modern warfare 3 , the graphics seems to be low even on the highest settings as possible .

My graphics card is 5570 HD .

Will an upgrade to windows 7 which means that direct x 11 will give me better graphics ?
or will it slow down my games because of increased graphics ?

Please help me
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  1. DX 11 effects has a performance penalty especially Tessellation. Basically you are asking you graphics card to do more visual effects. The more you demand of it the lower the performance will be. Like going from 1680x1050 to 1920x1080 resolution with that card.

    The HD 5570 is a fairly weak card. It's more of a multimedia card than a gaming card. The HD 5670 was considered to be an entry level gaming card.

    If you are going to upgrade to Win 7 solely for DX11, then also save up money for a new more powerful video card.
  2. the answer to both of your questions is = yes
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