Anyone Familiar With Sims 3?

I hope someone can help with the terrible performance I'm getting with the sims 3. For some reason the game constantly stutters when panning the camera, and textures often take a while to load. Turning vsync off helps a bit by no means solves the issue. Anyone here familiar with the game and know what is causing this?
Win 7 64
p7p55d-pro mobo
12 gigs ddr3
560 ti SLI
750w PSU
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  1. I don't think Sims 3 supports SLI and disabling SLI may resolve your issue since your PC seems to be more than capable of playing that game.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion but disabling sli is always the first thing I try when I have an issue.
  3. I think the texture loading issue is pretty common and there's not much you can really do about that other than lowering the resolution and maybe lowering graphics quality which is something you probably do not want to do.

    As for panning issues, I can't say that I read anything regarding that.

    I assume you also tried to re-install / update your drivers?
  4. I've had the game for a while now and have gone through several differnet drivers but none I've tried seemed to make much of a difference. I have read that the game isn't optimiazed all that well but still, my system shouldn't have any problem running it.
  5. Mmm, try downloading Twallan's Overwatch mod
    Thats what fixed my problems when I played the sims 3.
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