Which NIC performs best?

I now got two 10/100 Mb/s NICs and I'm trying to figure out which one would perform best in my PC.

This are the specifications:
Card one:
3Com 3C905B-TXNM with 3Com Parallel Tasking 2 Performance chip.

Card two:
Sitecom Fast Ethernet PCI Card based on Realtek 8139C chip.

So which of those ones will perform best, ie: lowest CPU usage, best PCI bus OC'ing potential?

Thanks in advance

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  1. there is very little difference between any network cards.

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  2. In my testing, I found that the 3COMs like you have perform the best among what I tested. I didn't have the opportunity to test any Realtek based cards. I was mainly testing for 2 things: throughput, and low pings. So, I never really looked at the CPU loading aspect.

    Couldn't say anything about overclocking though since I have the right divider to keep my PCI bus in spec at the FSB speed I've chosen to run with.
  3. Well it will be a 3Com then. I will put the Realtek in another PC and have the best one in my first rig.

    My CPU runs so hot the arctic silver undergoes nuclear fusion :eek: .
  4. Although 3COM does make fantastic ISA nics, I don't much care for the performance of their current lineup in a WinNT environment. I much prefer the Intel nics.



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