2700k oc'd 4.8ghz
6950 2GB oc'd (850/1440)
8GB Ram 1600mhz

vsync on


my bf3 runs beautifully on ultra, i never get any sort of lag. the problem is when i look at the cpu/gpu load, my cpu is only at 24%-30%, while my gpu is at a average of 80% on 64 maps, 60% on smaller maps. isn't that a bit low for a game like bf3? I thought the load would be something like at 100%?

basically what i'm asking is, are my loads good? lol. any type of bottleneck or whatever?
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  1. unlikely to be any bottlenecks unless your ram is particularly poor like 1333 at cas 11..
    cpu wise the game itself isnt that demanding when it can spread across 8 threads. but if you have 4 or less then your cpu would be up near 100 on at least 1 core. having extra cores may not directly give any benefits but it does allow your cpu to use less power and run cooler.

    gfx wise you should be able to push some settings to ultra but leave others on high. that will likley push you up near 95% which is pretty much optimal...
    you never want to hit 100 or you will start getting fps drops and game lag.
    as you have a 2 gig card you will have no problem with draw distance but putting to much AA on will have just the same affect on your card as if it only had 1 or less gig. so just be happy and maybe even turn up the settings if you want...

    online though you only need medium settings with high textures to get the most fps (up to 100)

    this will hep with smooth packed syncing if you decide to up the packets sent to make the game update more accurately.
  2. dude, if the game is running smooth and you like the graphics why question the loads? you aren't topping out on anything which is wonderful
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