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Skyrim - Freezes and requires manuel End Process to close

Hello all,

I recently completed building my first pc and almost immediately loaded up Skyrim on it. It was amazing! Everything was running so smooth with fps not dropping below 60-61 (max refresh rate for my screen) and the load screens finished so quickly I rarely had time to read the Tip Text.

Yesterday however, something awful happened. I purchased a new headset, (Corsair Vengeance 1500) and installed the drivers and everything was wonderful. However after I shut down my pc for the night and loaded it up the next day, I got an error saying Windows had failed to load. Upon restart I went to Windows Updater which then resulted in a BSOD. During the Disk Check process it said the error was caused by recently installed drivers, so I then uninstalled the only thing I have changed since the initial startup which was my Corsair Drivers.

Thinking this had fixed the problem perhaps, I then loaded up Skyrim but noticed that it took much longer to load (3-4 seconds versus a full minute) I also found my fps was now jumping between 40-60 instead of a constant 60. After playing for 15 minutes or so, they game froze on a loading screen, I ended the process and reloaded, again it froze out in the open while running around. Now it seems to constantly freeze up after less than half an hour of gameplay.

Seeing as this is my first build, I do not know all the steps involved in troubleshooting problems like this. If anyone can help me figure this issue out, please reply! I am also posting my temps just in case that might be lending to the fps or freezing issue.

Question #2: These temps are during prime95 torture test, except for the GPU temps, those are while playing Skyrim. My question is if these temps are too high?


Temp1: 38
Temp2: 50
Temp3: 65

HD0: 36

GPU: 65

Core: 53

CPUID HWMonitor:

Gigabyte Motherboard
Temp1: 38
Temp2: 49
Temp3: 65

AMD Phenom II X4 955:
Core #0: 53
Core #1: 53
Core #2: 53
Core #3: 53

Radeon HD 6850:
GPU: 65



CPU: AMD Phenom ll X4 955
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3
Hard Drive: Western Digital HD 500G Caviar Black
GPU: HIS IceQ X Turbo Radeon HD 6850
PSU: Corsair 750W
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212+
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  1. If it's not too much trouble I would format the HDD and reinstall windows. It's rather obvious something got messed up
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    My friend got the same problem with nvidia 295.51 drivers, he rollbacked the driver and everething worked fine. i would try uninstalling your catalyst driver and reinstalling the latest stable version (i don't know what it is for AMD graphics), if this don't work yes reinstall windows.

    is your cpu overclocked? you need to start worrying about temperatures when they get over 80celsius. under that for most cpus you are safe.
  3. Just as an update, I uninstalled and re-installed the game and now so far, no issues. I have yet however to reinstall the High-Res Texture package or the Corsair Drivers, I will update as soon as I reinstall these.
  4. So far no issues, not sure what happened. Thank you though for your answers Oldmangamer, ricardois, AntiZig!
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