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Is it normal for chkdsk to delete files. Brother restarted comp without shutting down, and it brought up the chkdsk screen when loading. I let it chkdsk and it deleted over 20 gigs worth of music, dvd's, pictures and others off my hd. Why did this happen, and can I get it back? System restore wont work.
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  1. System Restore only restores system files vital to Windows.

    Is it normal? not unless the files are corrupted and the user ok'd it to delete them.

    Can you get them back? Possibly by using a 3rd party software program to restore them, but don't defrag your computer. Chances are, you just lost all of your stuff for good, but you can hunt down software recovery software, but you'll end up paying money out for a good one - not too much free stuff out there.

    I'd say off the top of my head, Windows Grep would be my first stab at recovering.
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