GTA IV Frame Rate Confussion

Hey everyone. I picked up a copy of GTA:4 from steam over the holidays and I have some questions about the graphic settings and the FPS.

First I put all the settings as high as they would go (VSync off) and then ran the in game benchmark 3 times. Here were my averages:

Average Frames Per Second: 47.33
CPU Usage: 25.67%
System Memory Usage: 57.67%
Video Memory Usage: 74.0%
Overall Resource Usage 1203/1495 (according to the game)

While I was happy with how smooth the game played I wanted to see what it would run at with lower settings so I wouldn't experience large drops in frame rate during intense sessions.

Lower Setting:
Video Mode: 1920X1080 (60Hz)
Texture Quality: High
Reflection Quality: Very High
Water Quality: Very High
Shadow Quality: High
Texture Filter: Tri-linear
Night Shadows: Off
View Distance: 73
Detail Distance: 100
VSync: Off
Definition: On

Again I took an average of 3 benchmarks

Average FPS: 45.51
CPU Usage: 23.67%
System Memory Usage: 57.33%
Video Memory Usage: 74.0%
Resource Usage: 950/1495

Lastly my system specs:

Intel Core i7-2670QM @ 2.20GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M w/ 1.5GB GDDR5
12GB DDR3 1333MHz
500GB 7200RPM (SATA 3Gb/s)

I don't understand how I could have gotten a lower frame rate with decreased settings. I'm fairly new to gaming on computers but it just doesnt add up. If anyone has some input I'd really appreciate it. I apologize for the extremely long and verbose post.
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  1. They all seem pretty high to me, in terms of settings.
    What did you decrease?

    Also, try decreasing detail distance and view distance if you want more FPS.
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