Dual Boot Issue

I understnad how most people tell you to boot from one drive and partition it. I had a preview ver of Windows 7 on a 120gig ssd and just bought a 240 gig ssd and want to put windows 8 on it. Once i loaded windows 8 it took all boot info of windows 7 and tossed it. I cannot seem to figure out how to get into a dual boot screen i tried rebooting in Advanced Options in windows 8 pc settings but it did not seem to finder another OS installed .
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  1. Download and install Visual BCD Editor in Windows 8 (http://www.boyans.net).
    Start tool, right click in left pane and select "Create missing Windows loaders".

    That's all.

    It is strange that Windows 8 installation did not pick up Win 7.
    Pay attention that mixing MBR- and GRP disks can lead to problems.

    To check format of disks and partitions the best tool is still diskpart.exe.

    >list disk - tells you if disk is MBR or GPT.
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Dual Boot Windows 8