lost my home network

I had 2 computers, both running XP, connected w/ a
crossover cable and using HP Ethernet cards. I tried to
start all over making the network using the Network
Wizard, but on my older computer, the Wizard says the NIC
needs to have hardware plugged in. (the message says "Plug in your network cables or otherwise connect your tework hardware") The cable connecting the two computers IS connected; I even tried a different crossover cable. The card works in another computer and the device manager recognizes it in several PCI slots. So the problem seems to be with the Network software.

However, I've not got any idea how to restore what Windows calls "Local Area Connection 6".

Any idea if this is a software or hardware problem?
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  1. "Local Area Connection 6"

    Simply the sixth attempt at a LAN on that system. If you delete that one, and start a new one, it'll be called Local Area Connection 7, and so on.

    Have you tried another NIC in that PC?

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  2. My guess would be one of the NICs is bad. Try a different NIC if you have one. You may want to set up each pc with it's own unique ip (static), if you haven't yet. Give on and the other, then run the network setup wizard.

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  3. Did you mean to type
    instead of ????

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