F1 2011 and Dirt 2 Random Lag Problem

Hi all,

i have a problem with F1 2011 and also with DiRT 2 on my pc, the problem occurs after i launch the game, i can start races fine but after every few minutes of smooth playing it starts to lagg out. It lasts around 2-3 minutes and then resumes with no lag. But then it starts up around another 3 minutes later. It continues in the cycle forever and it is very annoying. I have heard some stuff about it maybe being a problem with the replay file but i cant seem to locate it.

Does anyone know any solutions

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  1. system specs?

    I'd say you're probably hitting some memory limit at which point the game lags while the hardware reshuffles the resources and frees up some space, then it runs ok until you run out of memory again. Typically this would be either vram or ram
  2. Core2Quad Q6600 OC'd to 2.66ghz
    8GB DDR3 1333mhz
    XFX HD5750 1GB DDR5

    it even hapens on low graphics settings, i think the problem is different
  3. without checking memory utilization during the game you cannot tell for sure.

    it could also be background processes interrupting the CPU, in which case I'd say you can try game booster
  4. Check how much memory is being taken up when not gaming.
    Try disabling any background processes that you don't need and then play the game.

    Also, disable aero or the visual themes in win7.

    Any other game shows the same problem?
  5. Dosent seem to be any other games, there is plenty of ram (8gb) but it seems to be a common problem, involving something like replays. Disabling aero is a good idea, I will try it thanks. It is a common problem with codemasters games
  6. Quote:
    Dosent seem to be any other games

    That should narrow it down.
    Anyways, report back if issue still persists.
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