Is a 'managed' NIC better than a normal one?

Ive currently got a 3com 905B NIC in my computer. However a got a 3com 905C from a liquidation sale for £1 the other day. The board is physically bigger and has more chips. And if installed in another machine the card seems to have its own 'management' bios which can be accessed at startup. Would it be beneficial for me to put this card in my current gaming rig, would it require less cpu power?

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  1. That is a great price for a great NIC. I do not think you can feel the difference. I tried a few different NIC but cannot notice any difference in perfermance.
  2. Thanks, In that case I dont think ill waste my time swapping it over, ill just use it somewhere else. And yeah that was a good price, I also got free 4 x 486 base systems, and a PII 350 system w/ 128MB ram and a 10GB HDD, Network card, sound card, modem. Pretty good deal heh - all from working 1 hour moving boxes around a warehouse :)

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  3. <quote> the card seems to have its own 'management' bios which can be accessed at startup </quote>

    While I don't have experience with this card, I would guess it's for a dumb client or a remote boot situation. There is very little difference in the cpu power used by different cards. (exception, of course, being some of the integrated on the mobo solutions)


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  4. Ok, well I changed it anyway, didnt make any difference!!

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