what is the best NIC?

I need a new one, my $5 hp one is... a $5 hp one.
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  1. 3com & Linksys are fine.

    Make sure they're 10/100 ethernet.

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  2. I have good experience with 3com NIC.
  3. I don't know about linksys...they dont always get along with the network when we have lans for some reason
  4. Any Realtek 8039x chipset NIC
    Sometimes actuly come with Realtek name and box, but also are on many generic NIC's (But the box will say RealTek 8039 chipset and "Realtek 8039x" is also stamped on the big chip on the NIC too)
    They work and play with EVERYTHING well, Drivers are on All Windows CD's from Win 98up, plus self detect and install like a champ.

    *** And they're a $5 NIC! - Tuff to beat...

    If ya go 3Com ya might want to go ALL 3Com... ( and might have too!)
  5. 3 coms work best if you're going all 3com. i've also unforunatley had a high failure rate among them (atleast 5 out of 200 from one batch of computers i did), then i have with other brands. Linksys are good for their price and run very well, if you're realing wanting to spend in the 3com price range, get an Intel.
  6. I like D-Link as well. Never had a problem with them either, with their PCI or USB card. Personally, I'm a fan of onboard. YAAAYY onboard!

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