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I built a new rig a few months ago and everything seemed to be running fine, but over the last few weeks it keeps freezing during gaming. It started with Batman: Arkham Asylum (a fairly buggy game anyway) and now with Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Should I consider a registry clean up (I have restored a couple of times) or is there something wrong with the drivers/config? I don't even know which registry cleaners are any good now! Nothing gets hot when I'm gaming so I know it's not an overheating issue.

Specs: 2600k, P8Z68 v-pro gen 3, 8gb ram gskill, 2 x Powercolor HD6870 in crossfire, 120gb ocz agility3 ssd master, 2tb samsung slave, corsair AX850, cooler master HAF 922
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  1. CCleaner is a well reputable registry cleaner.
    Do the obvious and update your drivers, also try with different settings and try to narrow the problem down to a specific setting afterwards try looking if its a known issue with Said graphics property.
  2. signor said:
    try with different settings and try to narrow the problem down to a specific setting afterwards try looking if its a known issue with Said graphics property.

    signor is right, NFS SHIFT always crashes for me if change the car detail quality :??:

    First try updating your drivers, and if that doesn't work, try uninstalling your graphics drivers, then cleaning your registry of everything about your graphics drivers, and then install them again. I've done this before with RegCleaner, and it fixed my problem with Assassin's Creed 1 and 2 crashing after 10 minutes of play.
  3. Does those games freeze randomly and then return back to normal, or do they just freeze and crash?
    Yeah, like they said, do a registry cleanup and also do a disk defragment.
  4. The picture randomly locks up, then the sound starts to buzz (like a very small sample is looping) but the computer doesnt actually shut down or give me a BSOD. It just sits there with the same image doing nothing.
  5. So did you clean up the registry and do a disk defragment?
  6. Registry cleaned with CC but no change. My master is an SSD (should you defrag those?) and the game is stored on a 2tb slave which is currently being done. My main concern is that all these problems started after Catalyst (the ATI control centre) updated itself from 11.11 to 12.1 and I cant work out how to roll it back.
  7. Disk defrag of 2tb hasn't worked either.
  8. Just managed to uninstall everything ati, then installed from an 11.11 package direct from their website and my colours went very strange indeed. Startup is normal until login screen where its almost all black with random pinks and greens, like its gone into 8bit mode or something. Only got the computer back by knowing where and how to click restore!
  9. Now I'm starting to think this is a problem with one of your GPUs.
    Try disabling crossfire. Use just one card. Problem persists, then use the other one.
    Report back with your results.
  10. Cleaning registry nor defrag the HD will not work. Freezing is sometimes cause by heat issue or driver issue, especially you're running in crossfire. Have it run on a single card first to isolate what's causing the problem.
  11. Instead of Catalyst 11.11, try installing the Catalyst from your card's setup disc. And yeah, do it while running on one card, and if that works, install the other one.
  12. Solved it!!! Many thanks for everyones suggestions but it ended up being quite simple. Turns out it was a conflict between game settings and catalyst preferences. If you have catalyst, manually set AA and use morphological filtering.
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