cant find NIC drivers or name

i formatted my computer a few days ago and now everythign works fine except the nic. i cant find the drivers for it and neither can i find the name of the nic. i have taken out the nic and tried looking for a company name or something but nothing useful was there
can someone please help me solve this problem
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  1. search for any strings of numbers you can find, they may be part numbers.

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  2. What OS? Maybe a newer one might recognize it?

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  3. Now I'm not at my XP machine right now, but you can try going into network connections, right-clicking on the connection (if it's listed) and hitting properties. There ought to be a field there listing information about the NIC.

    If it isn't listed in network connections, let us know what controller is on the board, and we can look around for nics which use that specific controller.

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  4. if you take out the nic it self. On the card there will be a big black thing with letters and numbers. Post them. or search them your self using google or driverguide

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  5. With 98 and ME you can find the ID numbers for your PCI devices in the registry.

    Once you get the ID string, you should be able to find a driver for the card.
  6. Somewhere on that card is a FCC ID#, you have to register at this site but I believe you can search for drivers even by the FCC ID#<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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