Interpreting NIC lights

Probs linking 2 PCs - can't find info on interpreting LEDs on the NICs (Realtek RTL8029)
Can't see any info - anyone help or know site with info?

[BTW - PCs (w2kPro/server crossover) see each other but file transfers fail if more than a few seconds and loose connection]
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  1. Standard for most nics.
    if its a 10/100 nic, one light will show if its at 10 or 100. The other light is the activity light for when data is being trasmitted (blinking). Solid means its connected.
  2. Is this a crossover cable you made, or one bought from the store? What color order are they?

    Also, you might have some flaky NIC cards if they connect some times but not others.
  3. i bought it - std light grey [hand made - not "premium")
    transmitted 17Meg file using DCC[[LP1} [17 min - slow for 4Mb/s connection?]
    Did NIC tests on both cards and they passed.
    One pc is an old Cyrix/VXpro
    Going to download Qcheck and try some tests.
  4. I only ask about the cable because my boss at the computer shop where I work used to crimp his standard cables correctly but all his reversed cables were wrong.

    And the guy that I replaced crimped ALL his network cables wrong. They would work as 10 Mbit, but not 100.

    So other than that I can't think of many reasons for it to be slow, the are both 2000 machines, so they won't have the 2000-to-98 network problems. Maybe the network cable runs past some power cables ot TV wires and picks up some interference?
  5. also saw other post re Reakltek rtl8029 specific
    GREEN link (connection established)
    RED data [OFF=data/ON=idle]
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