How to restore the Luna theme

Well it is not all that annoying to me but i just want to find out is it possible to go back to the default xp theme.

Recently i have installed a new hard drive, when everything was fine and about to load up WinXP after a restart the screen told me pci.sys was corrupted and suggested me to repair (HOW would this be possible, i was just plugging in a clean hard drive!)

I did so and when desktop showed itself up, i found that the buttons and the task bar all reverted to the classic windows. That is square button, 3d look. But it is not altogether classic, i still get those effects and the flat drop down menu.

The problem is i cannot change back to the luna theme. I tried the followings ..
1. Restore to former Res. Pt.
2. Use themes from the internet (they only changed colors and icons not buttons and taskbar)
3. Run luna.theme and the .msstyle

For 3. i got the message like the theme service was not currently running (which was actually RUNNING).

I tried to dig up some information and solution to this one and tried all (thats almost all of them) but its still not fixed. My last resort would be reinstalling XP which i am not ready to do (those sp and hotfixed...).

Could anyone help me on this , thanks

XP Pro SP1
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  1. Upgrade to SP2

    (='.'=) <A HREF="" target="_new">Welcome to the House of Horrors, welcome to the House of a 1000 Corpses</A>
  2. SP2 just gives me problems more serious than this

    btw i have new development, that is i managed to get back to the former Luna theme and i did it by restore a system state backup.

    Thanks anyone
  3. shouldnt of had to to a system restore/state backup. in display properties you should of been able to go to the 'appearance' tab and switch the 'windows and buttons' to windows xp. I'm pretty sure thats it, I disabled themes cause that blue round crap is annoying, so i dont have options besides windows classic style.

  4. The strange thing was, i could not select windows xp style. as well i could not load up the luna.msstyle, windows simply refused to work with it.
  5. Hi just download xp3 final version exe file and install it as it will not disturb any other softwares.... if it is not possible to restore luna theme by using kelly korners xptweaks number 187 or by using sytem restore.

    Enjoy-Luna theme

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