help with dual lan

i have a asus a7n8x deluxe and running windows XP

i installed the drivers from the cd (Nvidia and 3com)and network connections dont work.

i get a permanent orange light and a stable yet sometims blinking green light,

dont know whats wrong anyone know how to help?
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  1. what are you trying to accomplish? Which NIC has which lights? Are they both connected when you get these lights?

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  2. Give us a little more info, are you connecting two computer directly or into a switch. From the lights it sounds like there maybe a miswire im not sure. Did you make the cable yourself or store bought?
  3. I think ComPooter gave up...

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  4. id say so... :(

    They should make a brand of clothing called Cisco Router and Switch... Yah, that beats the hell out of Ambercrombie and whatever...
  5. If you guys don't mind, I bought the same board as that guy, and I have no idea what a dual lan can do for me. Any examples of what I can do, and maybe a quick run down on how will open up a whole new world of possibilities. Thanks.

    Since I am typing here is another question one of you may be able to answer. My neighbor has a cable modem, so I conveniently put a wireless router over there, and have the usb adapter on my pc next door. Works fine, now I am wanting to have a few friends over and have a bit of a lan party. I purchased an extra usb adapter however that only fixes one pc. Can I get a wireless access point and plug a switch into it, then the other computers? Or can I plug a switch into my dual lan card and plug the other pcs into it? What I want to accomplish is just have a way to plug multiple pcs via ethernet into a single wireless device, aside from the router, which is too far and awkward to run a cable. Thanks again.

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  6. Buy a Switch with an uplink port. 4 or 8 port or as many as you need.

    Now return the new USB adaptor and get a access point capable of Adhock and infrastructure mode. Set it up in Infrastructure mode.Or- Connect to another access point. Which would be the router next door. Plug the access point into the Uplink Port of the switch and comps in the other ports.

    This will give you a wired network at your home and connect it wirelessly to your neighbors home.

    Now for dual lan cards.

    It will allow you to connect to two different lans with different IPs or Subnet masks at the same time.
    It allows you to run ICS or internet connection sharing for another computer or computers via a switch or wireless access point.But this is procrssor intensive and not suitable for gaming if you are hosting games and playing on the same comp. The computers running on the ICS connection will be able to brouse the internet and play some games but not all. Games that require a specific port to run will not work. (in most cases).

    Playing lan games will be fine as you are not hosting the internet connections of the other comps.

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  7. do exactly what rick says man. hes got it down

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