NIC crashing system?

hey folks,
Ive got a windows 2000 box and for some reason it blue screens left and right. its been suggested that the file share program I use (edonkey) is working the NIC more than most other applications on my comp, and faulty hardware and/or faulty drivers for it are causing the OS to crash into a bsod. how feasable or possible is this? i dont want to go and buy a new NIC if i dont have to :\

basically if i leave edonkey running for a while it could crash in 10 minutes, 4 hours, or 40 hours. theres not rhyme or reason to it. it just crashes :(

Athlon 1ghz
768mb DDR266
420watt thermaltake PSU
40gb WD 7200 HDD 8mb cache
30gb WD 5400 HDD 2mb cache
Sapphire Radeon 9100
SB Live 5.1 w/live drive
Linksys network everywhere 10/100 NC100
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  1. While it could be true that it is your NIC causing you problems, that probably isn't where I would start troubleshooting.

    The first questions I ask about a system which is randomly locking up is: during the lockup conditions (or right immediatly preceding them) what ar the CPU temps and power supply voltages doing?

    But maybe youv'e already been through all that and never mentioned it?
  2. nah I havnt been through all that, but in retrospect i should have. the way it was crashing though (very predictably and very easy to reproduce) let me to belive it was somthing worse than heat. and i know it wasnt the power supply because ive tried several, and the one in there now is a brand spankin new thermaltake 420 watter.

    BUT to update, my friend and I (he does this for a living) decided to take his moms athlon 1ghz out of her machine and put it in mine to see if that was the problem, and he put it on without a heatsink (duh?). so that cpu fried. then i tried my cpu in her motherboard, only in a wave of stupidity i didnt plug in the heatsink's fan, so after about 5 minutes of running, we fried that cpu too. arent we clever? so anyways i bought myself an Athlon XP 2000 and away all of my problems went. runs like a champ now :)
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