WoW worth it ?

hi guys

Suddenly i feel a massive urge to start playing a huge mmo game, well im a 24 years old guy and i have been a pro gamer for as long i can remember, i play all kinds and genres of games and love em all, but never i have been into an mmo game something with a huge scale like WoW or the likes.

so what do you think, as of now, is it too late to start playing WoW, i dont wanna get in there and see ppl getting out to other games, specially when new titles are coming like guild wars 2, warhammer 40000 dark millennium . . .

what about star wars online, rift and those games, are they good

im not sure, and i need help from experienced mmo games, dont worry about systems requirements as i have one hell of a beastly rig (intel i7-2600k OC 5.0ghz, HD7970, 16 gb ram . . . . . . )

so in short i have one of three choices and i need your opinions: 1- start WoW from scratch now ( actually i want to, its just that i feel its too late)
2- wait for Guild wars 2 to come out
3- start another mmo game if there is any good one worth playing (rift, start wars, age of canon . . . . )
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  1. no its not worth it, you buy a game and pay per month to play it, only idiots do that.

    play games that are free per month and alot better like guild wars the original or wait till the new guild wars 2 comes out. ive played wow and its shocking since you pay each month and get nonthing back.
  2. Spoony said:
    no its not worth it, you buy a game and pay per month to play it, only idiots do that.

    play games that are free per month and alot better like guild wars the original or wait till the new guild wars 2 comes out. ive played wow and its shocking since you pay each month and get nonthing back.

    You don't say that! Kidding. Very well stated. Have you guys seen the full Guild Wars 2 montage video? Looks unreal. Age of Conan is free and it's stable now.. launch was a mess but I enjoyed the game.
  3. If you're looking for a respectable fresh new game I would say wait for Guild Wars 2. The game looks AMAZING and is getting great reviews. If not there's like hundreds of F2P MMO's out there. If you download steam, you can find quite a selection or you can just look them up online yourself. Star Wars TOR looks like a legit game but I hear it's the same old formula. Otherwise, I've tried F2P MMO's like Everyquest 2 and Lord of the Rings Online. APB is pretty fun to screw around in. They're not bad but I've kinda stuck to playing GW1 (probably not the greatest choice for you considering that GW2 is coming out soon and GW1 player base will probably die).
  4. WoW is a very good game and probably the highest quality MMO one out there. But yes, the expanses can add up. Then again they are capped per month and can be calculated/stopped at any time. I always thought about it like going to the cinema one less time per month. In turn you get, theoretically, the possibility too play 24/7. A movie is ~2hours long. So no I don't think paying for something you like is a bad thing...

    Playing F2P games is not really free, either. There is content you might want to pay for. If you like competition. F2P often fails on that end, because most give the paying user an advantage in some kind (faster levels, better gear, unlocked champions, whatever).

    Even League of Legends, which you can really play for free the whole time, can become a farm fest without paying at least a little bit now and then. Otherwise it is restricted content, available for free.

    You have to see it that way, WoW was and still is able to live with a monthly description for more than 7! years. Despite the fact that there is so much F2P stuff around, there must be a reason. And I doubt it's people just being dumb...

    Anyway, babbling about F2P vs monthly description doesn't answer your question.

    about SWTOR:
    It was a nice fresh wind for 2 month, but end game content (wait what?!?) and server population (wait what .... again?!?) was driving me nuts.
    PvP is a farm fest for points in battlegrounds. There is no such thing as arena, like in WoW. They are trying hard to encourage World PvP with Illum at lvl50. However, it still is another version of farm fest.
    There are flashpoints (dungeons) in normal and hardmode to cover the PvE needs.
    The voiced conversations are really awesome and whenever I play another game, that doesn't have them, it instantly feels lacking, a lot.

    TLDR; really awesome fun to level all classes to 50 and then quit. ;)

    about other (F2P) MMO and WoW:
    I tried a lot, Age of Conan, LotRO, STO, City of Heros, etc. ... they were all lacking or not feeling complete or just bad compared to WoW. It really is still what I consider the standard all others have to come up with... and then beat it. I do play F2P a lot though, but no "free" MMOs.
    WoW on the other hand is something you can always start to play and always get back to, you will find a lot of people playing it. Which is very important, even if you aren't very social in MMOs, because of the multiplayer part, PvP, dungeons, server economic (auction house, etc).

    about Rift:
    Tried it a little, really what I consider a WoW clone in terms of CLONE, just the same, but different setting and style. Just like Runes of Magic.
    The Rifts opening were fun, though. It felt interactive and like you were part of the world, not just being awarded for handing in the same head of a guy like all the 15 people around you. It also encouraged some World PvP. WoW had that such world events, too. But only now and then and not constantly, which is a pity, actually.

    about Guild Wars 2:
    This one seems awesome so far! Position does matter, even in PvE. No real healer/Tank dependency in groups, interactive quests: you enter an area and *** starts breaking lose ...

    Like with all other games of such type, end game content/long term motivation is what will decide it's fate in the long run. :P

    I'm personally waiting for Guild Wars 2, atm. And I'm just over-saturated by WoW. It took almost 7 years however... maybe I'm just a very abide kind of gamer. At least I enjoy sticking with things of quality/fun. ;)
  5. The guy above me has a great post. Wow is truely a great game, i played it for 3 years, but in the end i just got bored, the combat is , while very complex, out dated. If you are looking for a mmo i would highly suggest looking into guild wars 2, it really does look like the next generation, and there is no monthly fee like wow!!
  6. Jeez I'm happy that people actually acknowledge GW2 :)
  7. WoW used to be worth it if you were interested in the experience it provided. There were other facsimiles (some pre-existing) but WoW was the most refined and also the most openly competitive.

    Those days are gone, though. The game has developed into a cash cow to allow its developer and their parent company to explore future means of wringing gamer wallets (diablo 3 real money auction house, in-game advertisements in Titan, and son on). The glory days of competitive raiding are now behind it (Firelands was a bit of the last hurrah) and competitive PVP is almost laughable now compared to where it was at during the previous 2 expansions.

    I would really have to advise against the game entirely. Bear in mind that I was a raider in a top 50 US guild for a long time, and pretty well ranked in 3v3 arena when it somewhat mattered (2500-ish player during wotlk for anyone familiar with the game). So with all that said and the fact that I had been playing since November 2004, I'm fairly familiar with the game in its current and past iterations. It has proverbially jumped the shark, and I've since stopped playing it. With as much time as I had invested in it, and as much high-end gameplay experience as I had, it should be a bit of a statement that I put the game down without question.

    If you're interested in MMO gameplay, my strongest recommendation would be to start looking into Tera Online. It looks like an mmo that is designed for people who are good at actual video games, which would be a first.

    Secondly I would recommend looking at Guild Wars 2, although they haven't even disclosed whether or not you will be able to jump in it (you couldn't in the first). I believe you will be able to, but more than likely the reason it has gone undisclosed for so long is because they originally had not intended to implement it in the 2nd game, and are trying to shoehorn it in now.

    Quick edit: Lastly, Rift and Star Wars are legitimate clones of WoW's gameplay style. They fall short in all the same places, and tend to excel in none of the few places that WoW does. I'd just avoid them, save your money, and check Tera Online and Guild Wars 2 instead.
  8. You can jump and this was announced a long time ago. TBH I don't think you know much about GW2.

    GW2 is looking to re-invent what it means to play MMORPG, this is a game to watch out for.
  9. SoPP said:
    You can jump and this was announced a long time ago. TBH I don't think you know much about GW2.

    GW2 is looking to re-invent what it means to play MMORPG, this is a game to watch out for.

    You realize that post you quoted is 2 months old and from before the GW2 NDA had even lifted, right?

    Not to criticize your perception either, but "reinventing the way MMO's are played" is the tagline attributed to every single MMO that is released. And each new title does it to some extent. Aion with its directional controls dampening damage received/given, Rift with its attempt at open world instancing for lack of a better phrase, Tera with real-time directed combat and full collision, and Guild Wars 2 which polishes a lot of what made the original Guild Wars pretty popular and adds some obviously necessary improvements (like jumping). But so far, the only game that has legitimately reinvented the MMO genre has been WoW which elevated it considerably above the egregious time-sink that it was during the Everquest days and made it entirely more accessible. If that kind of improvement and wide-spread appeal can be copied remains to be seen. Ironically the one thing that threatens to topple World of Warcraft from the head of the MMO class is its own development direction, which has been questionable for years.
  10. Hi there. WOW gives a good MMORPG experience but there's nothing compared to lineage 2 , and it's all for free now!
  11. MMO's aren't really designed to played solo. They are much more fun when you play with friends, and it's a drag guild-hopping until you find a group of like minded people. Choose the game that your friends play, you'll thank me later. Even FFXI is an awesome game when played with friends.
  12. cant stand wow or the people who play it. if they aint a**holes when they start playing they will be within 6 months...
  13. I used to play WoW, do I count as an a**hole? The problem is when people take any cooperative game too seriously. There were WoW players who were always trying to be "hardcore" and vying for positions in raiding guilds. That competitive attitude makes me uncomfortable. It's just a game, and that is why I strongly suggest playing with friends.
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