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"Ring Network"

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November 5, 2003 10:46:11 PM

Hi people
Is it possible to use 2 NIC on each machine that I want to put onto a network and make a "ring" to join the PC's. I have quite a few gigabyte NIC but no Gigabyte switch/hub so I want to make a network without the switch/hub. Sort of like Token Ring. Can this work??

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November 6, 2003 10:31:18 AM

token ring is a completly different technology than ethernet. i suppose you can use several nics and make a "ring" but why not just go get a hub for 10 bucks? it will be much easyer. you do know that the hub and nic manufactures dont have to match at all right? cs game server -
November 6, 2003 4:45:03 PM

Hi Yes I know we already have a 10/100 8 Port unmanaged switch but we now have GIG (10/100/1000) NIC's and would like to make use of the "extra" speed. We often swap large files during our lan games. The Gigabyte switches are much more expensive in South Africa. I also want to get myself a graphics card so I will probally get an unmanaged GIG switch later, the are about $180 from the wholesellers here.
I will be testing with 4 machines each with 2 NIC's on Sat 8 Nov will give some feedback.
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November 6, 2003 6:10:02 PM

ive never tried it, but i suppose you would just set the nics up on each computer, then bridge the connections so other computers not directly connected to the others can access them. your just asking for trouble. cs game server -
November 9, 2003 3:06:21 AM

I'm curious to know how it goes. I cant see how a setup like that would be successful, but I'm prepared to be amazed...
November 26, 2003 3:42:39 PM

Gigabit, gotta love it and the cost that goes with it. You're giving yourself a headache with what you're trying to do. Don't bother, just use your 10/100 switch/hub. Even if you did manage to get that ring working, you'll see a small increase in your network speed, to the point where 1GB might transfer a few seconds faster on the gigabit over the megabit. Why? You're PC is going to bottle neck - flat out. You'll see a small increase, but after spending days messing with it, you'll find the increase not to be worthwhile. Currently the only time to use gigabit would be between servers where backups are transfering 8-10GB.
You can still try and amaze us though :)