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Hi all heres the problem im facing i like to use the wheel down function on my mouse to go prone in MW3 but the problem im finding is that sometimes when i wheel down it works and other times it does like a quick duck then back up like its defined to crouch and prone on same button but it isnt i have crouch as my C button and prone as wheel down does anybody know what i have to do to get this to work ? The mouse im using is a Cyborg V3 if that helps ty
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  1. If you have prone on scroll, then I guess you musn't scroll "too much" because pressing the prone button while already in prone makes you get up and I guess it's the same with mouse scroll.
  2. Hmmm i see what your saying is there anyway to slow it down or anything i can do ?
  3. It depends on your mouse I guess. It's pretty easy to control on my mouse. I guess you just need to do it calmly lol.
  4. unbind crouch from the wheel and make sure you only go one "click" when you turn the wheel, otherwise you'll "push" the button twice.
  5. Why not assign crouch on the Alt key, it's a much easier way to access just next to space for jumping.
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