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Can't communicate with router

Last response: in Components
December 1, 2003 4:39:50 AM

I recently bought a Netgear MR814v2 router, and I am able to connect to the Internet with one computer, but not another. They are both running WinXP Pro, but I don't think the bad one is giving me the correct IP address. I have it set to obtain one automatically and it is giving me one with the prefix 169, and not 192 like it should be. I tried setting a static IP to what it should be, but not luck. I reformatted the drive and reinstalled XP and it still gives me the 169 address. Is this a software problem, or could it be something wrong with the NIC. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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December 1, 2003 7:28:26 PM

At least it is getting an IP address, meaning it may be ok. Switch your network cable and check that. I'm not familiar with your router, but make sure you didn't plug your connection into a possible shared LAN/WAN port. Unplug the Network Cable from your good computer, plug it into your bad and try it out. If it works, your network cable is bad.
Make sure your Router is setup for DHCP and your computer is setup for DHCP and Obtain DNS automatically.
Depending on your ISP, you may want to get the MAC address of your good computer and enter it into your Router to spoof the connection. Some ISPs index your MAC address and will only send a signal there to reduce the amount of people stealing IP addresses.

December 5, 2003 3:12:32 PM

Thanks for the reply. It looks like it was the network cable that was the problem. I replaced the ends and it started working great.