Why won't this nic card work???

Just completed my build and can't connect to dsl. I have this ethernet card; Linkskey 10/100Mbps PCI Ethernet Card, Model LKF-5100+. I installed the drivers from the floppy. As I read the discription from Newegg I see that it doesn't mention XP. Could it be the drivers don't support XP? It has xp home, and have been through the setup wizard several times, not me but my niece I built it for. She's 180mis from me so I don't have access to pc now, just trying to help her get the internet con going. I use dialup and don't know anything about cable or dsl. I built one for her sister who uses cable and put this same card in I think I she didn't have a bit of trouble with setup.

Ijust talked to her and she keeps getting a message from norton which installed from board setup disc. Something about trying to connect. I told her to go to add/remove and remove the norton program and try it again. While I had the pc here I downloaded the critcal updates from MS and norton kept popping up and asking me for permission to download. I hate norton!
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  1. Ok, let's walk through this.

    Check the Device Manager to see if the network card shows up first off.

    Check the cable to make sure it's plugged in.
    Check to see if there is a light on NIC on the back of the computer. Green is good, no light, probably not good.

    Is the modem connected directly to the computer or does it goes through a router? Either the network cable goes from the modem directly to the back of the computer, or it goes to the router and a cable comes out of the router to the computer?

    No router? You can skip this part:
    If there is a router it will need a little configuration.
    You'll need to connect in to it by opening Internet Explorer and log into the router (a lot of routers use the default IP address of which you type into IE and it will bring up a login box, which there will be no username and the password will probably be "admin" unless otherwise changed).
    Here you'll need to set it up to accept PPPoE (more than likely) and type in the username and password to connect.
    Offhand I can't think of any other settings you would need to put in.

    No router:
    PPPoE needs to be installed for the connection to start. The company probably sent a CD with their software to install. Walk through the install and follow the steps. This *should* get everything configured, but if it doesn't:
    Go to start - run - type CMD (will bring up a black box, DOS command prompt)
    type IPCONFIG - this will list your IP address.
    It shouldn't begin with a 192. or 168/169. number.
    Can you find out and post that?

    If the number is good, there should be a connection as long as PPPoE is installed. You can check this by going to Start - Settings - Control Panel - Network and Dial-up settings - double click on Local Area Connection. PPPoE should be listed.
    If not, try the CD or call the DSL tech support to have them walk you through installing it.

    Post back what you can find out from there and we'll work from that point.

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