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Hia Guys
Ive been playing shogun 2 on my old pc since it was released with no problems on medium settings but now my new pc i have a game breaking problem where whenever there is alot of dead bodies or zoomed in on a battle the fps will drop from 50 to 10-5 it is very annoying when youve been saving money for a new pc to have your favourite game play worse. i have also tried every fix ive come across this include installing 10 different drivers hotfixes, lowering settings, changing v ram in game settings and various other fixes. I have noticed one thing which is when in games only core 1 and 4 are being pushed if that helps i dont know.
thanks in advance to anyone who replys.
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  1. forgot to add specs :pt1cable:

    RAM: 12.0 GB RAM Corsair XMS3 1333
    GPU: XFX 6870 Dual Fan 1gb
    CPU: FX 4100 @4Ghz
    PSU:OCZ ZS Series 750W 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply
  2. no one ?
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