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Ive been playing BF3 since release and have always had connection and/or crashing problems. A frozen screen of the map from a weird angle is usually locked onto my screen, forcing me to Ctrl Alt Del out. Here is a screen shot of HWMonitor and SpeedFan shortly after it crashed. On the SpeedFan graph, you can see when the crash happened, right when the temps drop off.

Does any of the data look like it could be the cause of the problem?

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    i'm a master at this.

    1 disable UPnP is msconfig and or router/modem
    2 update punkbuster with the file from their site
    3 disable SSDP recovery in msconfig
    4 Open all TCP/UDP ports required for bf3 from the internet
    5 make sure bf3 NEVER uses more than 75% of ur ram or it will crash
    6 Update the latest drivers for ur chipset and audio drivers (aspecially realtek)
    7 put sound to cd quality 16kbz
    8 bla bla bla bla bla.

    If u could please state howmuch ram u have than i can be sure that it is or is not that,

    last but not least a few basic things,

    i see u have crossfire? is ur PSU adequit.

    is your ram overheating ?

    please check these things and then well talk again .
    most importantly check howmuch ram is used when playing caspian 64players
  2. Wow! Thank you for your reply. I am excited to try your steps and see if they work, I really hope they do. In reply...

    1. I see SSDP Discovery in msconfig, but not "SSDP recovery". Did you mean discovery? What does disabling it do?
    2. How do i open all TCP/UDP ports required for BF3? What ports are they? I have absolutely no knowledge of this stuff, but can follow directions easily.
    3. How do I make sure BF3 never uses more than 75% of my RAM?
    4. I have 16gb of Corsair XMS3 RAM.
    5. My PSU is CrossfireX and SLI certified, I hope that is good enough. It is 650 watts.
    6. How do I see if my RAM is overheating?
    7. How do I see how much RAM is being used? Use something like SpeedFan and chart it?
  3. Well I tried most of that out. My RAM doesnt have thermal sensors so I couldnt check that. And I dont know how much RAM is being used. The crashes seem to have slowed down a little, now I only get them once every 1-2hrs. Could be coincidence, not sure.
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