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I have a pentium 3 800 mhz, with a gigabyte GA-6VX-4X mobo. I have 128mb ram and an 80 gig hd. I connect to the internet using a cable modem connected to an Asus hub, with 2 other computers sharing the hub. This configuration worked for me until recently when I upgraded my hard drive. After I reinstalled Windows XP I could no longer connect to the internet. XP shows no problems in the device manager, nor is there and conflicts or shared resources on my NIC, (as shown in the system information utility). I have tried moving my network card into different pci slots on my mobo, I went out and bought a new network card and it still wont connect to the internet. My browser is set to connect to the internet using a lan with automatically detect settings checked, (I have also tried it unchecked). The only things I can notice that are unusual when the system is running that I can see, is that periodically the notice pops up for about 3 seconds at a time that the network plug is disconnected. I cant recreate any conditions to cause that notice to come up, (I've tried wiggling the cable, switching the cable, using a known good cable from one of the other computers) and the other weird thing is that only the green light on the NIC lights up and flashes not the yellow light. Windows says the network card is installed and working properly and the proper drivers are installed. I cant think of anything else to add to help solve this problem, any ideas would be appreciated. The network card is an SMC 1244TX. thanks
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  1. ignore the previous question. it now works (mysteriously..) thanks anyway
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