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Hello, How do you make Office 2007 (not 64 bit) default program on Windows 7 (6 bit)?
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  1. Office 2007 will run fine on W7 32 & 64 bit.
    What do you mean "default program " to do what? do you have another Office instalation tht's opening your office documents? if not it will be the default program for opening your Word and Excel files.
  2. the default program lists a cheap wordpad- I want to use my Word from my Office program- Office isn't listed to choose or change to It won't list excel either- I have a HP Pavillion Elite and I have had trouble with it right from the start- in fact it had to be replaced with the guarrantee
  3. "Office isn't listed to choose or change to It won't list excel either"
    "default program lists a cheap wordpad"
    Wordpad is a free program included with Windows, it's a good but basic program which you can use if you don't have anything else. If you want something better, like Microsoft Office you have to pay for it, otherwise get a free version Open Office.

    It appears to me that you don't have Office 2007 installed, do you have the instalation disks for Office, it is not part of the operating system, you have to buy it.
    You can't make it default if it's not there.

    As it took you 11 days to respond to my last question, I won't be waiting around for a response.
  4. Well actually I bought and installed Office 2007 and As I said it won't come up as a programme on the default list I have to manually go to All programmes and click on it to open it. I appreciate your help- I am sorry i told a while to respond I wasn't in front of my computer for a week
    I think it may be the computer- i have been using Windows for years but not Windows 7
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    Hello kiwi2;
    To pin your MS Office programs on the Start Menu, type Office into the search bar.
    Then choose the programs you want and right mouse click, and choose Pin to Start Menu (or you can try Pin to Taskbar).
    You can also use Send To - Desktop (create shortcut) to put an program icon on your Desktop.
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  7. Thank you for that- it worked!
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