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ok so here is a pretty stupid quesiton but you will have to bear with me, anyway iam going to link 2 computers with a standard ethernet card and a RJ45 cross over cable. But one problem is that one PC is a 133Mhz and the other is a 1800mhz, obiously the 1800 is the host computer, but i wanted to know would it be wise to connect the two together taking into account that it is a 133mhz computer. thanks!
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  1. just.. what the hell are you conserned about? you think the faster one is going to blow up the slower one? cs game server -
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  2. WTF does Computer SPECS have to do with Connection.......... Both are using standard 10/100 mbs NIC card and internet speed will get same speed.......

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  3. There shouldn't be any problems, but if you are running at 100Mbs it will impact your 133Mhz machine when the NIC is communicating. If the performance hit is too big you can get a 10Mbs card or a card where you can manually set the speed.


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  4. its not like a 10/100 adaptor is that big of a deal, there are companies out there that were using p 166 machines on a 100 base network not too long ago. damn, why do people assume that a slow computer is incapable of handling a 100 base connection????? cs game server -
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  5. Simply because it takes CPU cycles to travel up and down the stack. I have said before that the general guideline often is put as 1Mhz of CPU power per 1Kbs of transfer speed. There is a reason that servers often dedicate an entire board for network only functions. I have to say that the requirements is a little less for WS/Home use, but a 133MHz machine will feel sluggish transfering at fastethernet speeds even with a packet generator.


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  6. Network transfer between the two computers will be slow, for sure. But your slow computer isn't going to make your other computer run slower, unless you start having it constantly access the fast computer over the network. All the slow computer can do to the fast one is send requests for hard drive accesses (iff you have shared folders) and make the fast computer respond to them.

    However, you might have to be worried about the GoodTimes virus... from what I remember, it was released into the wild sometime around when that old computer was still being used, and it's completely undetectable and can never be eradicated. It's an airborne virus, but it can only be spread within a small radius so your fast PC is probably still clean, however it could spread to the fast computer over the network quite easily. Signs of infection include misplacing your car keys when you were sure you left them on the table, getting popups in Internet Explorer, dropping the soap in the shower, and sudden unexpected "talks" from your significant other about your relationship.
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