NIC Question???

I want to setup a 2 machine home network.

Both machines have win 2000 and I want to share files, printer and Connection using ICS.

I have Biostar M7VIP Board (Host machine). The board has onboard LAN Ethernet controller Chip VT6103.

I also have Netgear 4 port Hub with Netgear NIC FA310TX card for client machine.

Can I use the VT6103 onboard chip (host Machine) along with the Netgear NIC in the client machine?
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  1. yes

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  2. Thanks for the input. I waqsn't sure if you could mix and match NICs.
  3. Ethernet is very standardized. Any device with an ethernet port should be able to talk nicely with other ethernet ports. (it might cause the speed of the system to drop though, if using certain components like hubs instead of switches.)
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