Corsair Vengenace 1500 static/whine problem

Hey all (if this isn't the right spot to be asking about a problem with a PC gaming headset - let me know!)

I'm on Windows 7 x64 with a Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5 motherboard. I downloaded and installed the Vengeance 1500 1.1 drivers and plugged the headset in. I have no issues with the sound or the mic, however while the sound in windows is NOT muted - I hear a constant low-volume static and whine (the kind you hear from cheap USB headphones, almost like you hear your computer processing things :P). The whine is off and on, it'll drone in then drone out - very high pitched but just as low volume as the constant static (sounds like pink noise).

Anyone experience this? Is there something I'm missing? When I mute all sounds it instantly disapears and goes silent, turning off mute makes it very noticeable when it comes back.

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks
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  1. Update: I've tried all my USB ports as well, the USB 2 and 3 ports show the same problem.
  2. it's most likely a problem with integrated audio chipset not being insulated properly and being affected by some magnetic field

    if you have a friend with dedicated sound card, see if he can let you borrow it for 30 mins. Try it, if the noise is gone, then all you need to get is a separate sound card.
  3. RMA the board, manufactures fault.
  4. unless you can prove that any other board isn't going to have the problem (aka manufacturing fault over design fault) then RMA the board will have little effect on the issue.
  5. I've tried the headphones on 2 laptops and a second desktop - all with the same issue. To further define the issue: Picture hearing a low volume white noise/hissing sound, that's more accurate at this point I believe.

    I took them back to where I bought them and had them confirm I wasn't crazy - waiting for them to get another set in so I can test if it's all of them or just mine :P If I find another technical explanation for this I will leave it here.
  6. well white noise by definition you will hear only when your have your amplitude (volume) too high, if the headset has its own volume turn that down and turn the sound up via windows/in-game?
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