I cant install a really old game


i am trying to install gizmos and gadgets but whenever i try to install it a popup always sais "E:\ is not a valid win 32 application" can you suggest any programs that could help
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  1. What OS do you run, try compatibility mode, if it is an old game definitively has compatibility issues with your current OS! I think that game was created to run with DOS :)
  2. are you installing via a disk or online?
  3. if it's a 16-bit installed for an old game it won't run under win7,

    you will need xp-32 bit to run it.
  4. If your running Windows 7 I recommend Windows XP mode which you can then run the software on.
  5. this is console games, controller or die bro
  6. C0MMANDO said:
    are you installing via a disk or online?

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