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I recently bought a Radeon 6870 to replace my Radeon 6790. All worked perfectly for about a week. Then things in my games became very choppy especially when turning in first person games. The sound is fine but the visuals are always choppy.
The games I played are Skyrim and Dead Island. I tried lowering the resolution and settings in the games but it still stutters. I tried uninstalling drivers and reinstalling but that didn't help. I tried the card in another pci help. Tried my old video card, choppy there now too. I tested my ram which came out fine. tried a different keyboard and mouse that didn't help. Scanned for viruses but none found. Any other ideas of what might be causing this? I'm stumped at this point.
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  1. Oh by the way, my rig: i5 2500K, 8 gb corsair vengeance ddr3, 600w psu, Intel DP67BG mobo, Corsair sata 3 SSD, windows 7 home.
  2. its the video card's drivers. I get the same thing on my 6970 card and 4870 x2 card. They both should beable to run skyrim on High but they get the fps stutter. AMD needs to fix their drivers to beable to run some games better.
  3. Try reinstalling the games and/or older driver one by one. I have similar system, but i haven't had the chance to try those games yet.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I tried reinstalling the game and that didn't fix it. I'll try using an older driver next to see if that will do anything for me. If that doesn't work, I think I'll try to find a friend with a nvidia card borrow to see how it runs with that.
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