I3 2100 bottleneck a hd6950 in battlefield 3

i3 2100 bottleneck a hd6950 in battlefield 3 ?

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  1. I highly doubt it. The game is not very CPU dependent.
  2. according to TH article, 6950 is right at the border line (if you had a 6970 then i3 would definitely bottleneck), but seeing how BF3 isn't that CPU heavy you shouldn't have a problem.

  3. i'm seeing 60% GPU utilisation (30-40fps) at the same time as 100% cpu utilisation in some maps. GTX470 and Q9550, so i'd say yes, it can be bottlenecked
  4. I don't think there would be any sorts of bottleneck with an i3 2100 and a Radeon HD 6950, let alone in just BF3. It should handle it quite well.
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