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Can anyone recommend a good PCI NIC. I am looking for something that will reduce the CPU load as much as possible. I have a 3mb/s cable modem and use it for internet multiplayer gaming. For example, is there something with DMA or on board packet cache?
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  1. 3com or Intel. Pretty much all of them are good, but I am a tad biased towards intel for no particular reason :)

    My new years resolution is 1280 x 1024
  2. <A HREF="" target="_new">linksys EtherFast® 10/100 LAN Card</A>
  3. 3com or Intel. The 3c905s are still my standard card for everything from homebrew linux serversto maxed out gaming machines(assuming motherobards used don't have onboard nIC)
  4. I have great experience with 3com. The company I work for have been using 3com for many years. I never have any problem with them.
  5. 3com and intel both make nics with checksum offload and all that, not that you really need it for a gaming box. Both intel and 3com make fine products for a box running microsoft os. The intels have an advantage if you ever plan on running one of the xnix's. Pretty much anything other than realtek will be fine at the speeds you are talking.
  6. Theres nothing better than an Intel. I can piont ya to a nice study if ya want, but basically the Intels are the best there are. The MT desktop can easly be had for $25 ish for the 10/100/1000MT. Dont settle for anythign less

  7. The original post was from May 2004.
    Hope he has managed to find a card by now :wink:
  8. Intel and 3Com are pretty good but if you want value any card based on the RealTek RTL-8169 chipset should also work great RTL-8169s sell for $10-$20 each :D

    SysKonnect Broadcom and Marvell are usually very good as well :D

    Semper Fi Linux on!

    PS Hey better late than never ;-)
  9. Without a doubt, SMC.
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