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Mobhunter: The World Has Changed

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January 24, 2005 3:55:32 PM

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We remember the battles of Bloody Kithicor. The older adventurers
speak to the newer ones of the days when it was safe to cross the
forest at night, the days before the wars came and tore the dead from
the ground. Now only the boldest adventurers dare to cross the unholy
grounds of Kithicor at night.

We remember the fall of Grobb. The ancient Guktans, children of Marr,
crawled from the depths of Guk and marched upon Grobb. The trolls were
sent north to Neriak with an eternal fire in their eye for their

We remember the god-battles of Lesser Faydark. The avatar of Tunare
and the avatar of Cazic Thule battled upon the cursed lands of Lesser
Faydark calling heroes of both light and darkness to their sides. The
outcome of this battle, different in each of our splinter worlds,
changed the face of the Faydark for some time.

Dynamic events set Everquest apart from other traditional games. We
never watch the landscape of Final Fantasy or Baldur's Gate shift,
grow, or collapse unless it is part of the linear story. Everquest
isn't a story, however. Everquest is a world, and events like these
prove it.

Two weeks ago, a knight of Tunare stood on the bridge of Felwithe and
asked for aid in locating Firiona Vie. Pieces of her cloak and
evidence of her travel lay about the old lands. Further investigation
revealed a dark plot surrounding the Tower of Frozen Shadows in the
Iceclad ocean. Powerful beasts roamed the icy lands and a guardian
barred all entrance into the dark tower. Even the sky spoke of great

Now dark elves spy over the Dreadlands. Who knows where this will
lead, but one thing is for sure; like Bloody Kithicor, the Fall of
Grobb, and the god wars of Lesser Faydark; the world of Norrath will
not remain the same when these times are over.

So now the future lies in our hands. Will we at least witness these
changes? Of the three events mentioned above, I witnessed none of them
personally. I did hunt down and return pieces of evidence of Firiona's
travel. I helped the parties seeking to rescue Firiona from the tower
by turning in pieces of evidence among the ruins of the Tower's beasts.
I have seen the scouts of Dreadlands. Yet few others seem to see

So now we uncover another strange behavior I have witnessed for a long
time. A lot of players tend not to try anything new, instead
preferring to hunt in commonly known and safe lands. We lose sight of
the forest through the trees. Our chance for the safe acquisition of
levels, AAs, and gear takes us away from some very entertaining
one-time events. Many will miss these events because they either do
not hear of them, or do not care to witness them and leave their safe
Wall of Slaughter group.

I noticed this same behavior at the beginning of each expansion.
People didn't seek out MPG and Riftseekers when Omens came out, they
went to Fire and earned their levels and AAs there. People continued
working on LDONs and everyone wanted to finish their epic 1.5 as fast
as possible rather than see some of the deeper lands of Kuua. Perhaps
my narrow view only sees these types of players, but sometimes it feels
like we forget what we really seek. We hunt down new higher numbers
instead of seeking new adventures.

Over the next three weeks, we will see a great shift in Norrath. If
you seek it out, you can witness this change and fight alongside your
allies in the battles ahead. When these events are complete, you will
never have the chance to see them again.

Speak to your friends, to your guild, and to your groups, and let them
know of these changes. Put together a small team of explorers and seek
out these strange signs. Take your raiding force that threatens the
same beast you destroyed a dozen times before and attack the creatures
you will never have a chance to see again.

Remember that this game isn't only about levels or AAs or gear. It's
about fun. In this case, the fun has a lifespan and it will never come
back again. Don't miss it.
Loral Ciriclight
24 January 2005
January 25, 2005 9:42:02 AM

Archived from groups: (More info?)

Well said indeed

I spoke to my guild, and even linked some of the rewards, but no one
could be bothered to actually do anything.

Most passing strange
January 27, 2005 8:39:31 AM

Archived from groups: (More info?)

Mike's definitions of "dying" and "dead" are, perhaps, the most
Reading the complaints of many people who feel the game is "dying", it seems
to me they are hyperbolically trying to express some degree of regret, even
lamentation, that the game *is* fading, losing popularity. EQ is over the
and it's not a smooth slope down the other side; no, it's cliffs, like the
we climbed going up, and going the other way you slip and fall and land on
your ass (as character animations often show us).
Lower populations have all sorts of baneful effects. Friends leave, not in
and twos but in big groups, whole circles. Suddenly you don't know anyone
playing anymore; it's like you changed servers, but you haven't gone
anywhere -
everyone else has deserted you. The bazaar will never again see as many as
traders in it, barring a server merger; most days it never gets above 200.
makes it upwards of twice as hard to get something you want; many items are
not available anymore at any price, others are in reduced quantities and
are wildly inflated. Camps that used to be permanantly occupied are now wide
the people who once grouped there kept them alive because they liked the
character progression of the early game. Now, they have gone to where they
keep the pace up into their 30s and 40s: EQ2 and WoW. Storied guilds, once
feared by the gods of Time, collapse and merge, leaving the casual player
and the
weekend warrior with potentially no path to the upper planes - you can't
join the
raid unless you can do so during prime time, five nights a week.
Actually, this last problem may be solved, not exacerbated, by the low
after looking at some of the Time guilds on TP, I find Invictvs and
Crusaders Valorous
no longer mention required raiding in their policies. CV even limits its
raids to 72
people; apparently, they have no trouble fielding that many.
As to where Adastraea goes...that's a story for another thread. But do
notice the


On Tholuxe Paells:
[68 Wizard] Adastraea Starwind (High Elf) of Erollisi Marr <Acropolis>
[61 Druid] Rabotev Startree (Wood Elf) of Tunare <Council of the
[41 Warrior] Gruggoredil Dullwit (Barbarian) of Rallos Zek
[45 Monk] Tosev Starfist (human) of Quellious
[45 Shadow Knight] Neuveniu Sinstorm (Dark Elf) of Innoruuk
[32 Enchanter] Nuneveiu Arworthi (Dark Elf)
[32 Cleric] Celune (High Elf) of Tunare
[30 Beastlord] Grukyn (Vah Shir)

On Drinal:
[22 Bard] Greban (Vah Shir)

On Firiona Vie:
[32 Cleric] Adastra Peraspera (High Elf) of Tunare

On Quellious:
[5 Wizard] Phrogment (Froglok) of Mithaniel Marr