Stuttering then shut down on MW3

Hello all,

So, the last 2 weeks my PC is having some issues. After playing MW3 for 20 minutes my PC starts getting really choppy then will turn off, no power down, just shut off. I have changed my settings from ultra to low, It does not seem to make a difference in if it will stay on or turn off or the chop. The temperature on my MOBO to Proc is about 115 degrees or 43C. I have deleted any program I installed the past 3 weeks. Never had this issue in the past could play for 4 hours and no problem. Anyone else having this issue? Did you fix it or does anyone have any idea on what would be causing it?


AMD Phenom 2 x4 955BE
ASrock 970 Extreme4
Radeon 6870
BFG 650 bronze

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  1. what is your CPU temp?

    as a complete turn off is normally (95% of the time) temperature related.
  2. When I reboot it is usually about 115degrees which only takes a few seconds. I also have no SLI and am running at a resolution of 1440x900. Not sure what it is when it shuts down.
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    overheating for sure, here's a list of things that can overheat:

    1. cpu
    2. GPU
    3. PSU
    4. RAM

    in that order, if you're seeing 115C on your CPU that's your problem
  4. It is not 115 Celcius, its about 43 Celcius that I am getting the shutdown, going to tear her down today and get inside.
  5. Monitor your temperature while gaming.
    Use a 3rd party tool such as HWMonitor to record your temperatures on GPU and CPU.
    Game first stuttering, and then later on a complete PC shutdown means that the PC is shutting down so as to prevent further damage to the components, whichever component that may be.

    So monitor your temperatures while gaming.
  6. Downloading now, I opened my PC up and added a new fan, it appears my temps dropped, looks like it may have been a fan. But will report back!

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