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I have a dell inspiron notebook,600mgz celeron,latest bios,256m ram,fresh reinstall win 2k svc pk 4,all latest drivers. Have following problem with 2 different brand new pcmcia 32 bit fast ethernet cardbus adapters. When computer boots everything looks normal in device manager. When i go to use pccard it is transmitting slower than a dial up modem, web pages dont even load. DSL speed checked out and other computer desktop running xp zooms. Went into device manager and changed under advanced tab the transmision speed from auto to full 100 and pccard works great, did dsl speed test and got 1.3Mbps. Problem returns when I restart computer, pccard super slow, go to device manager, no errors, switch previously changed speed back to full auto,problem fixed. Stuck in this loop,both card companies tech support could not figure out problem. Did complete Sisoft Sandra tests annd computer checks out fine. Please email any response to, thank you. P.S. went into event log and there were no warnings or errors except after I changed the transmision speed and the device manager tree disappeared twice and the NIC card started working the event log said the card was foind and started and was working properly, whats odd about that is when you go into device manager to change the speed there is no yellow exclamation mark and device manager says this device is working properly when in fact it is not.
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  1. model numbers of the nic cards would be helpful. you could also try changing the switch port settings to full/100, that is if you have a decent enough switch. counter-strike game server -
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  2. Well, no e-mail to send out replies (at least where I am now), so I hope you read this.

    I'm assuming you've uninstalled/reinstalled adapter? If so, you can also attempt to mess around in the registry. I don't rightly know where the speed is set, but it's there somewhere. If you REALLY want, I can try to find out the key you need, though it would take some work, and you'd have to ask REALLY nicely.

    umheint0's phat setup --> <A HREF="" target="_new"></A><--
  3. the guy didnt even come back to try to help himself, why bother yourself so much to help him? counter-strike game server -
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