How well could I play BF3 on an Nvidia Quadro 2000m?

So i dont have a PC but want to play battlefield 3 on my laptop. Specs are 8GB RAM, i7-2820, and nvidia 2000m. How well would the game run on multiplayer? would I be able to get around 40 or 50 frames on multiplayer as that's my main focus? I know I cant run it on ultra settings so I really don't care about that as that's not my goal. But if anyone knows from experience or has some real knowledge about this card could you please help me out? The official battlefield forums haven't been too helpful. Thanks!
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  1. I'm sure you will be able to run it, the real question is what settings and what performance are you looking for?

    this gives you BFBC2 on medium at 60 fps, so I'd say you should be able to run BF3 on low to get 60 fps. If you do some tweaking with resolution and settings you might even get medium settings with decent frame rate.
  2. anyone else have some first hand experience on this card?
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