frist hi to everyone..
actually my teacher asks me to do a project in excel..
but...i have a problem..when doing that..

"""Enter a formula in cell H3 to calculate and show the letter Grade for the first student. The criteria for the letter Grade assignment:
"A¡¨ >=85; "B" >=75; "C" >=60; "D" >=50; "F" <50
(Hint: using the function IF). Please try it out using Help menu if you don¡¦t understand the function IF.""

can anyone tell me how to do this?
i try it many times but
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  1. The IF function most likely won't cover the entire problem. You'll need create some form of a reference table.


    So you'll want to create a reference somewhere stating what score determines what Grade.. and then you'll want to create formulas for A, B, C, D, F.. and each cell will reference the the table to determine what it is..

    That would be a more efficient way.. you create the table and the formulas once.. then from there you have each cell reference the table..

    The IF statement kind of works in there, but it's tedious.

    What do you have so far?
  2. You need to use a couple IF statements embedded inside the first IF statement to use it as the teacher suggests.

    So I don't do your exercise for you, first make an IF statement that prints an A if the grade is >= 85, or a B otherwise.

    When that works, then replace the B option with another IF statement to print B if grade is >= 75, otherwise a C. When that works, replace the C option with one to print C if grade is >= 60, otherwise a D. Do it one more time to replace the D option with one to print D if grade is >=50, otherwise F.

    Riser's choice is better in terms of flexibility and using the power of Excel, but to show the power of the IF statement (and this early in the session), this is probably what the teacher had in mind.


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  3. That's why I hated taking these courses in College. They made you do it the hard way when I'm thinking "this way would be so much easier." I hated that.. But then again, I understand how it's trying to show the use of the IF statement.. but finding a better example is called for. This kind of teaching changes the way a student thinks on solving that kind of problem.
  4. Ahh. Nested IFs. Just so I could practice. Assuming that the score is in cell A1.

    Formula in H3 would be:


    Remember, you cannot have more than 7 nested IF statements in one formula.

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  5. Of course! The dreaded "no more than 7 nested IFs.." Only if I had remembered that.. :)
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