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So I'm looking to get a gaming headset for both the PC and Xbox 360 (even if it needs an adapter) and my absolute budget for this is $60. I know I'm not going to get the best headset out there but I was wondering what you guys would suggest I look at. So far the ones that look promising to me are Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 and the Creative Labs Sound Blaster Tactic 3D.

After looking at some reviews for the X12 it seems like they are nice but people mention the mic being very sensitive and I was afraid it might pick up the sounds of the game which would be pretty annoying. I couldn't find too many in depth reviews of the Creative labs but the ones I did find seemed to be fairly positive.

Since this is my first gaming headset I don't really know anything about which brands are good and what to look for in a good headset so I was hoping to get some advice from the community.
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  1. creative HS was rated by TH but I don't remember how long ago, and I can't seem to find the article. I'd go with that.
  2. Alright thanks. I think I will go with the Creative labs one, but my next question is should I get the one designed for use with the 360 which also connects to the PC or should I go with the slightly cheaper PC only model and use of the adapters? I'm slightly nervous about the adapters because they look like knock offs and are from unknown brands.
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