Old AMD athlon II x4 setup outperforming current Core i7-940 setup?

Here are my two setups:

AMD Athlon II x4 (propus) 2.6GHz
MSI NF-750-G55 SLI motherboard
8GB Gskill DDR3 1600MHz RAM
Two EVGA GTX 560 Ti's in SLI
600W Corsair PSU
two SATA 7200rpm hard drives
3 Acer 1920x1080 monitors in Surround

Intel Core i7-940 (bloomfield 1366) 2.9GHz
ASRock x58 Extreme
12GB Gskill DDR3 1600MHz RAM
Two EVGA GTX 560 Ti's in SLI
600W Corsair PSU
two SATA 7200rpm hard drives
3 Acer 1920x1080 monitors in Surround

BF3 40fps 5fps (Ultra)
Black Ops 60fps 50fps (Max)
Crysis 18fps 60fps (Medium/High) (No Surround)

Why have my benchmarks decreased except for Cyrsis, and why can't I max out Crysis? my my freind the old own of the MSI board maxed it out with two 460's, and as far as I know the i7 is better the Athlon, so by all accounts (my knowledge of this (never as much as i think i have)) I should be able to Max out all 3 games in surround and have them AT LEAST playable. Or has my knowledge failed me.

Sorry, I started ranting a little didn't I? (I'm a little frustrated)

If anyone has any input, go right ahead.

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  1. check that all your drivers are properly installed, the graphics cards could be not be fully working, so its reverting to intel graphics
  2. you seem a little short on the psu for an sli setup by about 50-100w
    as a single 560ti has a recommended psu of 550 for a single card setup so i would think that is the problem.
    that or a driver issue.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies, I'll see if I can barrow a 700-750w PSU to test that theory, along with just re-installing windows 7 and drivers, (i tried reinstalling just drivers, but perhaps its a little deeper. either way, installing windows 7 is second nature to me know).

    And Ali, how would you suppose its not fully working? It makes sense, but do elaborate on how this might happen. I'm relatively new the Intel Core i CPU's with the integrated graphics, so I haven't really educated myself on it.

    Thanks guys, I really do appreciate the suggestions, I'll try to post back by the weekend with the results of my tests

  4. I've been exploring my options, and I'm feeling upgrading to a 750-850 watt is not only going to be inadequate under heavy load, but much more than I can spend. So I thinking, the Visiontek Juice Box, which would add 450w, but even so, thats still more than I want to spend. So my current option is picking up a used 600 watt Corsair off craigslist for $40. But I have heard that could cause problems, but I would think, as long as I properly ground the two, and make sure I link to the right rails, I don't see a problem.

    Let me know what you guys think. Also is there a way to forward this to another forum instead of just straight up reposting? thanks again.
  5. not a good idea...
    if you have to turn off 1 of the gfx cards till you can afford a decent 750w psu... sell your current 1 to a m8 and put the rest towards a new higher power 1... 750 w will be more than enough like i said your onlu about 50w short so even a 700w would do the job well enough..

    but please turn 1 card off first and see if the problem goes away on the 1 card setup... if it doesnt then its a driver issue or a 560 bios issue. which they are becoming famous for... if its a bios issue then all you will need to do is update it but you will still be running short of psu grunt in the longer term so getting that replaced will still have to happen.
  6. I added the Visiontek Juice Box 450w VGA PSU (I wanted the extra headroom). So power is no longer an issue. And I reinstalled Windows and BF3 (currently the only game I have installed) had no improvement. Still crashes even when I just click by Ultra in the menu... I have read about the bios issue, but I haven't seen anything regarding where I can download the updated bios. EVGA's site doesn't seem to have it.
  7. http://www.overclock.net/t/989627/fermi-bios-editor-gtx-4-5-series give this a look. its a how to on editing your gpu bios... you may be able to set the settings you need without having to do a full bios update...
    but i would suggest you get in touch with your cards manufacturer for the best advice. after all they will be able to tell you if its really necessary or if theres a bios update for you...
    also make sure you use the newest drivers and see if they give any improvement over the old... b4 you start hammering your hardware.
  8. I can't seem to get the tools to read my bios. I'll see if EVGA has any suggestions for me.
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