How to setup ps3 on my old toshiba?

I don't have a remote controlling device and I have tried in vain to set up my PS3 so I can play it on my old Toshiba T.V. Please help?
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  1. a remote controlling device? we need more info if we are to help you.
  2. Plug in everything to the TV as needed. Press the power button on the PS3 to turn it on, and immediately after it beeps, press and hold the button until another beep (about 5 seconds). The PS3 will restart in SD mode, capable of being displayed on the old TV. Otherwise it starts up in HD mode, which the TV can't handle, thus nothing will work... :)

    EDIT: And when I say "plug everything in as needed" I mean plug the AV cables into the TV's input RCA connectors. You should be using the Yellow connector (Video) and either a White or Red plug (doesn't really matter which one, it's Audio and you're going to set it to mono anyway) from the AV cable.
  3. my toshiba tv wont let me play my ps3 simply because there are no other buttons on the actual tv other than channel up and down and volume up and down so i cant hit an imput button or menu button..i can watch tv perfectly fine, its just i cant get it to any channel that i can see my ps screen...idk im so confused just because there is no other buttons on the tv itself and its not even that old so im even more lost..helpp?
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