WHICH GRAPHICS CARD TO BUY $200-$250 i have a amd x2 555 be (oc 4ghz) and gt430.

hello..i want to upgrade my cpu and gpu...i can spend 200$ on my gfx and 200$ on my cpu (total 4oo$)
i have amd x2 555 be (oc at 4ghz)
nvidia gt430
i love to play...actually i play alot:)
i want to run bf3 and nfs the run on high settings
i was thinking of ati hd6870...and amd x6 1075/1090
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  1. That's a good combo but the gt430 is still a good GPU I use it in my hardcore rig which I'm slowly upgrading as I get the money
  2. A 2500k and a GTX560ti/HD6650 are the best deal for gaming setup
  3. What motherboard, can you not unlock extra cores?
  4. Get the 960T you may be able to unlock it to 6 core. You can OC the heck out of it anyways and the $ saved there can go towards better GPU
  5. A 960t and a GTX 560 Ti would probably be the best choice. I own them ( 960t at 3.6GHz and a Gainward GTX 560 Ti ), and they are absolutely amazing! The only games i couldn't max are Batman: Arkham City ( PhysX makes it run slow ) and BF3.
  6. das_stig said:
    What motherboard, can you not unlock extra cores?

    i have a msi 785 gm p45......and yes i can't unlock the extra cores...in
    BIOs it only shows two cores..:(http://img.tomshardware.com/forum/uk/icones/smilies/pt1cable.gif
  7. i5-2400 and GTX 560ti 448
  8. Get the Hd 6870. I have that one and it rocks.

    And if you will, get the Phenom II 960T, you have a 50% chance that is can be unlocked to 6 core.
    I have the processor, but unfortunately it only has 4 cores.
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